Free Spirits and Forthcoming Titles from Grant Simpson


Free Spirits by Grant SimpsonFree Spirits is Grant Simpson’s first novel. The author said of his first major work, “I’m incredibly excited about this step into the unknown. I’ve been a lawyer for many years and am used to situations that might intimidate others, but this is just terrifying!”

Simpson spent many years working on his first novel, inspired by his time studying in North Carolina and what he discovered about racial prejudice in American History. “I was lucky enough to study under some of the foremost academics at the time, steeped in their experiences of the Civil Rights movement,” says the author. “This left a deep impression and provided the inspiration for the Free Spirits series, tracing the struggle of people of colour from shortly before the American Civil War through to the late twentieth century.”

The book is a thrilling and moving story based around a West Point cadet and his struggle to help his mother escape from slavery – you can read more about the book here.

Free Spirits is available both as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle.


The second novel in the Free Spirits series is Grace, the story of the young Boston girl whose sister Vallie was snatched into slavery. Grace goes into the hell of slavery to find Vallie. This book concerns her many escapes as she establishes her branches of the Underground Railroad from Savannah to Boston.

A Free Spirits Companion – a companion to Free Spirits and Grace, being fictional short stories of the characters in both books and true stories from the Underground Railroad.